Our DIY Chicken Coop

I’ve been posting a bunch of updates on our chicken coop construction and thought I’d put them all together so if anyone wants to see the entire process, beginning to end they don’t have to go hunting for it. 🙂

These aren’t instructions on how to build a coop, but if you’re looking for ideas for a permanent chicken coop, you might be inspired. It’s been a lot of fun building it, and pretty low cost overall since we had a lot of the materials to start with. The only things we’ve bought are the roof and some nails, totaling around $220.



Here is the process of the coop building- click on a link for the whole story:

Part 1: Chicken Coop- Construction in progress

Part 2: Chicken Coop- Seal the Cracks

Part 3: Chicken Coop- Putting on the Roof

Part 4: Chicken Coop- The Final Product


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