Chicken Coop: The Final Product


We’ve been done with the chicken coop for a while, but I forgot to put up pictures of the finished product.  For the whole process of how we build it, check out my DIY Chicken Co0p page.

So here are some pictures! 🙂


My mom nailed up old apple boxes as nesting boxes inside the coop and put up some nice roosting poles as well. The silly chickens actually sleep on top of the boxes instead of on the roosting poles…but at least they have the option of roosting if they want to.


We also made a wire enclosure for the chickens so that they can be safe from hawks and eagles, as we have a LOT of them around here. There are a pair of eagles with a nest in a tree just across the road and since we’re surrounded by fields there are plenty of mice and rabbits for them to eat….hopefully they won’t get any chickens!

The chickens also have a door cut into the wire enclosure and they have full run of our small fruit orchard so they can run around and get bugs and grass and all those good things. They love walking around in  the tall grass and hiding under the trees.




The chickens are 11 weeks old now and I think we have at least 3 roosters, maybe 4. See the difference in the comb size of those two Buff Orpingtons? I think one is a rooster and one is a hen.
Depending on how many we end up with, a chicken butchering tutorial may appear in the future. 😉

We still have about 9 weeks before they start laying eggs, but we enjoy them so much- chickens are just such happy little creatures and having them around makes me feel like a real homesteader even if they’re not pulling their weight yet. I can’t wait for those delicious eggs!

I hope you have a lovely weekend, I think we’re going to go to a Native American Water Festival and the Farmer’s Market tomorrow. Maybe it will even be sunny! We’ll see. 🙂



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