Chicken Coop Update

Hi, did you have a nice Resurrection Sunday yesterday?
We had a lovely “linner” (lunch/dinner) of ham, mashed potatoes, asparagus and salad and then watched movies and a bunch of my sibling’s friends came over and we played games well into the night. It was really fun!

Today, I thought I’d update you on our chicken coop progress.

It’s still not quite finished- we need a roof and to put up the chicken wire enclosure, but there are four walls and we’re able to put the little chickies out during the day.  There is a chance that they could be eaten by a passing hawk or eagle, but since the dogs are usually outside and chase away anything that might be lurking around, the chicks are fairly safe.


This is Daisy, peeking over the board we put in the doorway of the coop to keep her out and the chicks in.

My mom and dad had some beautiful cedar shingle siding left over from when my grandmother had the house built, so we used that for two sides of the coop. It looks so pretty!!


The walls made out of poles had pretty large gaps in between them, so we nailed up boards over the inside to keep out drafts and rain and possible predators. Some of them are old signs from around the Island that my great- grandfather found and brought home a long time ago. (This land has been in my Dad’s side of the family for generations.)


The chicks are going to be five weeks old tomorrow- it’s amazing how quickly the time has gone!


They are looking more like real chickens now instead of babies.

Only 15 more weeks before they start laying eggs! (only 15…haha)



The kids are enjoying holding them, as you can see, and I love watching the chicks peck around in the dirt and hop and fly and play-fight. Chickens are so lovely!

Do you have chickens? What is your favorite thing about them?

7 thoughts on “Chicken Coop Update

    • They’re growing really fast! We have them in the coop every day now, with a tarp over the top of it. We really need to get that roof on so they can stay out in it all night! They’re sleeping in a dog kennel at night right now because their cardboard house got too yucky.

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