Our Living Room + Pallet TV Stand

I hinted on Facebook a couple of days ago that we had made something else with pallets besides our headboard. Really we didn’t make something with a pallet…we just kind of used the pallet how it was to make a television stand.

So here is a tour of our living room, with our pallet TV stand.

This is looking from the laundry room into the living room. The door with the purse on it is a closet and the front door is right to the left of it, on the wall that the couch is on.
The white rocking chair we got from a thrift store for $10 and it’s one of the best buys we’ve ever made. It’s just the right height and rocks really nicely.
We also got the side table at a thrift store, and repainted it white. It was a dark fake wood before we spray painted it with appliance epoxy.
That thing in the floor is our heater, an old gas floor furnace that works great for heating the front of the house in the winter.
The hanging chandelier is from Ikea.

A closer view of our coffee table, made from the inside back of an old piano that we found on the side of the road. The kids eat snacks at it while watching movies, and they love jumping off of it onto the floor. šŸ™‚
That basket is full of library books.

So here is the pallet TV stand. This view is from right by the front door. The wooden door leads to the laundry room, which used to be a covered porch years ago before we moved in. The bookcase used to be a window.
The chair next to the bookcase we found on the side of the road, and I recovered and repainted it. (it took me a year to get around to doing it, but I finally did!)
Our couch we got from Salvation army. I love it!
The yellow pillow I made, the blue one I made a cover for and the one at the far end of the couch we bought at Garden Ridge.
I made the curtains out of an old sheet from the thrift store, and the beautiful blue hanging Moroccan lamps (candle holders) are from my dear friend Laura, who got them for us as an anniversary gift.

This view is from the far corner of the living room, near our heater and the rocking chair that you can see in the first picture.

Finally, our pallet TV stand. Tim secured it to the wall using industrial magnet strips that he got at Harbor Freight, and we screwed the tv into the top of the pallet.

Our dvd player fits just right into one of the slots on the pallet, which we love. We plan to make the cords look a bit nicer, when we get around to it. šŸ˜‰

So there is our little living room!
I’m sure it’ll change in a few months, because we are always moving stuff around and re-decorating, but for now, that is what it looks like. šŸ™‚

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