Food Waste Friday: Watermelon and Chickens

Good Morning!


I thought I was scot-free with no waste this week, but a watermelon had something else to say.
When I cut it open I found this….

So we just cut out those small bad spots and fed them to the chickens who enjoyed them very much.
Then we ate the rest in a day and a half, saving the rinds and putting them in the freezer to help the chickens cool down on hot days. Frozen watermelon is a great snack for them.

They do this every morning- roost on our patio bench built out of pallets.
That’s our garden in the background.

Other than the watermelon, we had no waste! The little bits of the kid’s leftover food that I’d usually throw away were given to the chickens, so I consider that a save rather than waste since it saves us money on chicken feed. 🙂

Did you waste a lot of food this week?

This post is shared at The Frugal Girl, who is the brains behind all of this food waste documentation. When you watch what you waste, it saves you money! Try it sometime. 🙂


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