KCWC Day One- George The Rooster

It’s day one of the Kid’s Clothes Week Challenge!

(don’t know what that is? Go here.)

Chickens on the Brain…

I spent most of the day actually working on building our chicken coop because our chicks are quickly outgrowing their current box; however at Ethan’s prompting, I set down the hammer and paintbrush and picked up scissors and then sat down at the sewing machine to whip up George the Rooster.

Since we have chicks now and some of them are probably roosters, Ethan is enamored with them and asked me to make him a stuffed animal rooster.
Thankfully, a rooster isn’t too hard to draw free-hand (even when you have only 8-year old drawing skills like I do) so I managed to just draw and cut out the fabric without a pattern.

Here, my friends, is George the Rooster:

George “roosting” in our half-finished chicken coop 🙂

Ethan picked out the fabric as well, because there was a picture of a rooster with almost exactly the same fabric on the bag of batting we used to stuff George’s body with. I tried to convince him to use some non-flowered fabric, but because his rooster needed to look like the one on the bag, flowered fabric it was! I told him George is a country rooster because he looks like he should be on a shelf in some old lady’s house. 😉
I think he turned out alright, for a no-pattern, on a whim stuffed animal!
Ethan loves him.
He took him to the chiropractor with him tonight so George could get his neck adjusted.
Now I have to make Eliana one too..

resting in the grass

his combed head

his feet

I’m thinking tomorrow I may start on making the kids’ cowboy vests- we’ll see how that turns out! Hopefully well. 🙂
Have you ever made a stuffed animal for your kids before?
I’d love to hear about what you’ve made!

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