KCWC Day 2: Boy and Girl Dress-Up Vests

Today I made vests for the kiddos to wear for dress-up. Or just to wear, because who hasn’t seen a kid all-out dressed up like a space man or princess in the store, grocery shopping with mommy?

These were supposed to be cowboy vests, but kind of ended up…not very cowboy-ish?
I don’t really know how but they at first looked kind of like suit vests which while they are dashing and dapper it was not what I was going for.
I used a shirt that fit them well as a template to make sure I made the right size, plus I added a bit of extra fabric. I tend to always use up more than I think I’m going to, So I’ve learned to give myself some wiggle room.
After a bit of cutting here and there and some sewing and adjusting, here is what I came up with:
They are kind of more just outdoorsy than cowboy.
So, I shall simply call it..

The Dress-Up Vest

My handsome Ethan, strutting his stuff 🙂

I put a bug patch on E’s that says “Bug Wrangler”.

E being silly and putting the bug vacuum on his nose

Ethan- Bug Wrangler

Eliana had just awakened from her nap and was cranky so she didn’t want to wear her vest just yet.
Here it is, complete with cute flower and little pocket:

I may end up putting some ruffles on it or something, since it’s still kind of masculine. But cowgirls aren’t especially girly anyway..so I may just leave it.
What do you think? Ruffles, or no?

Stay tuned to see what I make tomorrow- I’m not sure myself what I”m going to do yet!

2 thoughts on “KCWC Day 2: Boy and Girl Dress-Up Vests

  1. Since Ellie is beginning to know what she likes and doesn't like Maybe you should ask her if she wants a few ruffles on it. You are doing a great job with the outfits. Love seeing all the neat things you are doing.

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