How I Am Weaning Myself Off Of Target

I don’t know about you, but I have a terrible time spending too much money at Target.
Like, terrible. I can’t help it.
I love Target.

I go in to get diapers or toiletries and come out spending at least $10 (usually like 20) more than I anticipated on a cute accessory, adorable home decor or a small toy for the kids, a snack, or some other thing that just called out my name in such a sweet voice I couldn’t refuse.

Seriously, Ya’ll.
At one point, I was going to Target almost every day.
Not necessarily to buy stuff, but when Ethan and Ellie were really little I went more just to have some contact with the outside world. Even if it meant ending that contact with the outside world with a screaming kicking toddler.

Then it morphed into sometimes spending money…then usually spending money…and then we were spending over $200 a month last year at Target on who knows what.
I couldn’t even tell you what all I bought, but I was frittering away money that we didn’t have to spend!

I mean, really! Why do they have so many awesome things?! I love their home decor- the candles, the prints on the sheets and pillows (which I never actually buy but always want) the simple white dishes, the cool designer clothing lines that are limited time offers, the dollar section, THE CLEARANCE SECTION…the marketing team sure knows what they are doing!

I’ve been feeling guilty about giving in to such materialism for quite some time but couldn’t bring myself to stop….going….to….Target.

I think I’m finally conquering the Target-itis that has over taken me so unassumingly, wedging its way in little by little til it took over too much of my life.


My secret weapon?

First, when we were thinking about moving to Oklahoma a few months ago, where we were going to move didn’t have a Target. This was almost a deal breaker for me. (which is SAD!) 🙂
WHAT?! No Target? Whatever will I do??

Um…save a lot of money that I would’ve otherwise spent.
Hm. Not a bad thing.
So I started weeding out my weekly trips to Target in preparation of (sniff) not having one available.
Turns out, we’re staying put here in Tennessee, but I decided that even with a Target in close proximity, I was going to shop there less. Much less.

My next secret weapon?
Which is not a secret now…

At the beginning, it had to be drastic.
I started letting Tim take the car to work.
I know this wouldn’t be an option for everyone, but we only have one car so if he takes it to work, I can’t go to Target. How sad is that?! I had to physically ban myself from taking the car so I would stay away.
It worked.

Next weapon:

Shopping elsewhere for toiletries.
Sounds so simple, doesn’t it?
 I felt like a genius when I figured out that other places have just as nice toiletries as Target does. duh!

I started buying our hand soap, “ziploc” bags, toilet paper and trash bags at Aldi instead.
It’s cheaper, and I don’t spend extra money on cute accessories sitting out at the ends of the aisle. So it could be doubly cheaper.
And, the Aldi brand of toiletries and paper/house products seem to work just as well.
In fact, I really like the hand soap better than Target’s store brand.

Right now, I’ve conquered the addiction to Target down to going only when we need diapers, which is about every two weeks. Better yet, last time I went, I only bought…diapers. And wipes, because we needed those too. And batteries. But those were on the list.

I didn’t buy anything extra.


Now, if I can just keep it up…..

Here are some good tips about smart shopping at Target, if you dare to enter the store.
I’ll be keeping them in mind next time my daughter needs diapers.

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