It’s that time again…Time for Kid’s Clothes Week Challenge!

I have a fun thing to share with you all.

Next week is the beginning of KCWC, or Kid’s Clothes Week Challenge; Spring Edition, hosted by the fabulous Elsie Marley blog.

Everyone sews for an hour a day, making cute spring and summer clothes for their kids.

I’ve participated in it twice now, making this

pillowcase dress

and this

lounge shorts from daddy’s old t-shirt

and this

belt made from old jeans

And this shirt, which didn’t turn out so well. Ellie hated it. Oops. Live and learn, right?

This time, I’m making dress-up clothes for the kiddos!

Cowboy outfits at the very least (depending on how long they take to make and how hard they are.)
I’m doing chaps and vests for both Ellie and Ethan, and we’ll get them some cowboy hats from the dollar store.


Maybe a pirate hat like this:


Or a dress like this if I’m super ambitious.
Which I probably won’t be, but just in case. 😉


If you’d like to join in, just visit Elsie Marley’s blog and leave a comment and you’re in!
Then, sew every day next week for at least an hour and see what cool things you can accomplish in a week for your kids. (cutting fabric and prepping to sew counts toward your time too.)
I think there’s a Flikr pool as well, if you wanna post pictures.
I’ll be sharing what I make on here, regardless of how well or not so well it turns out.
I’m excited to show you all what I make!

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