Kid’s Week Clothing Challenge- Day 4 and 5

I’m on the ball today- I was already able to crank out an hour of sewing this morning while the kids were having snacks and watching a movie about trucks. Woo-hoo!

Day 4:
Vintage Style Tunic (or Pinafore)

Yesterday’s project still isn’t finished; it turned out  to be a little more time-consuming than I’d planned, so I’m going to work on it more either at naptime today, or tomorrow.
I’m making a tunic for Eliana but it may end up being more of a pinafore, because I messed up the sleeves and am not sure I can fix them. I may just take them off and make  it sleeveless. It will be roomy enough for her to be able to wear a long-sleeved top underneath.

Here is what it looks like so far:

I love the little lacy embellishments on it, they’re so cute. I can’t wait to see how it turns out as a finished product. This fabric is from the 1970’s I think- I got it from a lady at church who has had it since her daughter was a little girl, and the daughter is now in her 30’s. The little yellow flowers are so precious.

I still have to hem it along the neckline and the bottom, and then figure out what to do with those sleeves.

Day 5:
Knight Helmet

Today’s project was a Knight helmet for Ethan.
Can you guess what he’s dressing up as on Halloween? Actually before then, because we have a few Fall Festivals to go to.We may just stay in on the actual Halloween, because I’m pretty sure we’ll already be loaded up on candy.
Yep. A knight. But not just any knight. He wants to be The Good Knight, which one of the characters from this book..

If you haven’t read it, you should. Its pretty cute. My favorite part is when the dragons say at the end of each day, “Good night, Good Knight!”
Love it. I’m always glad when the kids ask to read it because its one of my favorites that they have. It is one of Ethan’s favorites too!

Here is my little “Good Knight” in his knight helmet .
We still have to make a trip to the dollar store for a sword and maybe a shield.
He also has a cape that I made him in the spring that he will wear with it.
I didn’t leave the raw edges out on purpose at first, but I decided I liked the look of them. It adds to the rugged Knightly-ness. 🙂 And I didn’t want to unpick the seams and start over. 🙂


Knights can only hold still for a few seconds, apparently! Too many things to do. with my sewing stuff, for example.

Oops! Caught him in the middle of a sentence. 🙂 

I used this awesome tutorial that I will definitely use again for another hat and basically just followed the instructions, except I just used broadcloth instead of knit fabric. I may go back and line this hat with some jersey or fleece for when it gets colder to help him stay warm if he decides to wear it for anything  besides dress-up.
Hopefully I will have that shirt of Eliana’s finished and can show you  the final product tomorrow!

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