Kids Clothing Week Challenge! Day 6 and 7

Whew! I finally finished that beast of a tunic for Eliana.

It turned out to be quite a lot more difficult than I thought, and I’m not really jumping at the bit to try making her another shirt any time soon. If I do, it will probably just be a knit t-shirt or something simple like that.
If you remember from day 4 of the KCWC, this is what I had done so far:

Looks pretty much done, right?
Wrong. I messed up the sleeves, so I unpicked them and took them off, then hemmed the armholes.

Next, I added a band to the bottom of the shirt to give it some weight. I accidentally sewed the shirt bottom
partway closed while doing this, so I had to go back and undo that, and then re-sew it again. Grr!

Then, I decided I should un-baste the pleats in the front because they were making the shoulder seams all wonky, so I unpicked those and created homemade bias tape for the neckline, and sewed that on.

Oh. And when I went to iron the band around the bottom of the shirt, I didn’t check what setting the iron was on and nearly melted the fabric!! Yikes! It did pucker and yellow a little bit, but thankfully didn’t completely melt. So I had to figure out a way to cover that up.
I decided to sew a little flower on there. I kind of like the way it looks. So that wasn’t all bad.

Basically, if you ever want to make a shirt, just don’t do all that stuff that I did and you will have a merry old time. I’m learning as I go, and that makes for some frustrating moments!
Here is what the shirt looks like now, all finished:

Vintage-Style Tunic

As you can see, Eliana had as much fun trying it on as I had making it.
Ha ha ha ..:)

I am planning on making one more thing tomorrow, and then I’m done for a bit!
Next up: a sunbonnet to go with Eliana’s Peasant Dress.
I’m really hoping it goes more smoothly than this project. 🙂

What is a frustrating sewing or craft project you’ve started that made you just want to give up?
Did you finish it? I have a few I’ve just given up on.
Like the dress I tried to make when I basically knew nothing about sewing. Yeah. If you don’t know anything about sewing, a dress is probably not the best first project. Neither is a quilt. I am overly ambitious sometimes.
This is one project I’m glad I finished. I won the battle of the sewing machine! This time, anyway. Woo-hoo! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Kids Clothing Week Challenge! Day 6 and 7

  1. I know, Ellie really didn't like wearing the top at all. Hopefully eventually she'll decided to wear it. I made the top a little bit big so she can wear it next spring too, so maybe by then she will have forgotten that she didn't like it. 🙂

  2. I'm sorry I just had to laugh at that post, especially the pic of Ellie! I have totally had sewing projects go horribly like that. It looks like the top turned out cute anyway!

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