Ladybug, ladybug….

Happy Sunday!!
Hope you all are having a nice relaxing day.
Yesterday afternoon I was outside playing with the kids, and all of a sudden I started noticing an awful lot of little bugs flying around.
I looked a little closer, and…

They were ladybugs. Everywhere.

More than I’d care to see at one time, flying around in the warm sunshine and stopping to rest on the side of the house.

Or on my leg.

 Or arm.

I usually don’t mind them, they are kind of pretty with their black and red cloaks. However, seeing this many at one time made them seem a lot more like bugs and less like pretty little visitors.

They particularly liked our front porch, for some reason. Maybe because it had been in the sun all afternoon, and was warm?

Look closely; how many can you find on the light?

See all those dots? Ladybugs.

They even came in through the crack in our door, and started crawling along the moulding near the ceiling. Not cool.

I was really hoping that they were just resting, and not taking up residence!!

We found this video last night about ladybugs:

I am SO glad that our ladybug visitors weren’t as numerous as these folks’. I might have to move somewhere else. Oh, wait. We are anyway!  Not because of ladybugs though. šŸ™‚
(More on this later in another post.)

Yep. Ladybugs. I’m guessing they were migrating south for the winter??
Have you ever seen large hordes of bugs?
Okay, ours weren’t large hordes, but there were probably a hundred at least. That’s enough for me!

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