Hodge-Podge: Chicken Update and Sourdough Starter

So, I don’t have a “real” post for you today but I thought I”d update everyone on how the chicks are looking and share a few other random things.

The chicks are almost three weeks old!


They were getting way too crowded in their other container (a flat-bottomed planter) so we went dumpster diving and got a couple of discarded refrigerator boxes and taped them together to make a new enclosure for them. It’s pretty ghetto, but it works!

When we were in the process of stuffing the giant cardboard cylinder into the small garden shed, the chicks got their first taste of the outdoors. At first, they were kind of scared and huddled together, but then they decided to explore a bit and all found this plant hanging off the side of a container..and went to town on it!


They are so cute and awkward looking! The silly things are still getting their feathers so they look all weird and scruffy and it’s hilarious to watch them try to fly and jump and fight with each other. Our chicken coop is still not finished but it’s coming along nicely, maybe in a few weeks we’ll be able to move the chicks into it. We still need to finish one and a half walls, then seal the cracks in the walls and put the roof on. So there’s still quite a bit of work that needs to be done.

On a completely different, unrelated note; I’m making my first sourdough bread starter!


I found this post on how to start one, then read this post about it too.  I’ve been growing my little jar of wild yeast for 6 days now and it’s definitely smelling like sourdough bread and is getting nice and bubbly.


I keep trying to get everyone to smell it, but no one seems to be as excited about it as I am. 😉

I’ll update you on how my first baking goes- I’m can’t wait to try it!

We’re also starting sweet potatoes today inside the house, I’ll write a post about the seeds we’ve planted/ veggies we’ve started later this week.


I hope you had a great weekend and have a nice week! It’s sunny here and gorgeous, even though it’s still kinda cold and very windy, the blue sky is just beautiful and the plum trees are starting to bloom!