Food Waste Friday: Tortillas and Ants

It’s Friday!


I bet from the title today, you can guess what I’ve wasted, can’t you??

A whole bag of corn tortillas.
I can say, it’s not entirely my fault, as Eliana got into the fridge, got the tortillas out and took them outside and put them in her wagon, covered up with a blanket (the minds of two year olds!) And I didn’t find them until hours later…covered in ants.
Then they got left out overnight, and survived a “watering” by Eliana as she watered the plants. By then, the ants had had their fill, so I took a picture and then chucked the sad tortillas into the garbage.
Good thing they were only a dollar or two at Aldi, but still, I’m sad because I was planning on making some enchiladas with them.

The only other thing I wasted was this.
Some pasta that I forgot I cooked for the kids, so I put some leftover cucumbers and tomatoes and tzatziki in it, but it just didn’t taste very good. There was only a little bit though, so I don’t feel too bad.

Overall, not a horrible week.

And, in other news, we had a kitten randomly show up at our door this morning, so I think that “Chaps” (which I really said should be named Patches but the kids jumbled up the name so now she’s Chaps) might be a new member of our family. We fed her, so I think she might end up staying. As you can see, the kids are thrilled to have another animal to play with. 🙂

Also, I”m featured over at Jane’s {Adventures in Dinner} today! So if you want to see an easy craft, go check that out as well. 🙂

This post is inspired by Kristen over at The Frugal Girl, who started documenting her food waste in hope that it would decrease. It has, and she’s inspired countless others to be aware of our waste and to reduce it in order to save food and money.