Food Waste Friday: Things Have Changed

I haven’t participated in FWF for a few weeks, and I’ve missed it!


The reason I haven’t been around??

We moved across the country, from our little house in Tennessee into my parent’s big house on two beautiful acres. Long story, but we’re glad to be here! 🙂
Needless to say, there was food waste.
Food waste from us moving, food waste from lunch meat not being refrigerated and beans getting squished into a paste, food waste once we got here to Washington. (State, not D.C.)

I’m in the process of getting my mom and dad’s foodstuffs organized (Think overflowing pantry and huge chest freezer with stuff in it from 2009 and condiments in the gigantic fridge expired in 2005…)

So there was a LOT of waste.
Two garbage bags full.
Old meat, corn with freezer burn, blackberries from 3 years ago. Horseradish that should’ve been thrown out 7 years ago. SEVEN. That’s how long I’ve been married!! It’s amazing what can hide in the fridge on the condiment shelf.

I’m trying to get it under control, and get my parents and brother on board with FWF so that they can save some $$ and some food too!

The next thing on the agenda is to write up a menu so that we have a list of meals to pull from- the secret weapon of preventing food waste, along with making meals out of leftovers to further our reduction of wasted meals.

Does anyone have any tips on how to reduce food waste from a family who is used to throwing out this, that and leftovers?
I need help! 🙂

Thanks in advance!

This post is linked to The Frugal Girl, who is the brains behind all of this food waste documentation.

Food Waste Friday: Sneaky Flies!

Hi, it’s time for….


 I thought I was going to get away scot-free this week. That is, until I went into the kitchen a few days ago and found 5 or more flies trapped in the bag my homemade bread was in.
( I didn’t take a picture, sorry.)

I let the flies out, but just couldn’t bring myself to let anyone eat the rest of the bread. There was about half a loaf. sigh.
I fed it to the chickens, who enjoyed it VERY much, so at least it wasn’t a total loss.

Other than a few kid leftovers (which also went to the chickens- love those chickens!!) that’s all the waste we had this week!

Maybe next week I can remember to CLOSE the ziplock bag after using it and no flies will crawl all over our bread. (ew!!)

In other news, our chickens started laying eggs!!!! I’m so happy. 🙂 We’re only getting one egg a day, so A chicken is laying…we still have 10 more to find out if they are hens or roosters. Its fun to find the egg every day- today the hen laid it in the backyard right in front of us. Hopefully more hens will start laying soon, but in the meantime, we’re really enjoying those little tiny eggs. (they get bigger as the hens lay more.)

How did you do this week?
If you want to read about more people’s battle against food waste, hop on over to Kristen’s blog
The Frugal Girl and check it out. She is the lovely lady who inspired me, and tons of other frugal minded people to be more aware of the money we throw away through food waste.

Food Waste Friday: It’s Friday Already??

Man, I feel like this week has just flown by.

However, we managed not to waste any major food- just a few leftovers from the kid’s dinner last night that they didn’t eat. (you know, when they take like three bites and then are done and you try and try to get them to eat it but they won’t, even though you don’t give them any food the rest of the night?) Yeah. Those little bits.

Other than that, no waste!!


In other news…
Our chickens are just about to start laying eggs and I am SO looking forward to having fresh, free-range eggs to eat! yum!

That’s all folks, see you in a few days and hope your weekend is fantastic!!

Food Waste Friday: Only buy what you will actually use

Hey, Friends it’s


And I missed out on last week because I was getting ready for my Ethan’s 5th birthday party.
However, I have some waste to show you this week….one of which isn’t even opened at all.
(hangs head in shame)

We bought this 2-pack of ranch dressing at Costco about…, I’d say 9 months ago and we JUST finished the first bottle.
Check out the expiration date:

What was I thinking?!?!
We don’t eat that much ranch dressing!

I feel terrible for wasting an entire gargantuan bottle but I was scared to try eating it after the expiration date, with the egg yolks and stuff in there.
If I’d have been more proactive, I’d have at least donated it to a food bank like 6 months ago.
I will never buy that much again- I actually want to try my hand at making my own ranch dressing sometime, without all of the soy protiens and hydrolized oils in it.

Moving on.
The only other things we wasted this week were:
A serving of chicken curry that hubby took to work and didn’t eat and then it got left out unrefridgerated for several hours

and a couple of half-eaten hot dogs and a half a slice of bread. ( no picture for that one though.)

How did you do this week?

This is shared at The Frugal Girl, who was inspired back in 2008 to document her food waste in hopes of reducing it. It worked, and she invited others to join in, and so Food Waste Friday was born!

Food Waste Friday: Unholy Guacamole

Greetings, it’s rainy here (hallelujah!) and I completely forgot it’s Friday.
Nonetheless, it is indeed:


The only thing we wasted this week…which should’ve actually been on last week’s docket was some guacamole that I tried to make that failed miserably.It tasted really gross, I’m not sure what I did wrong! (Maybe because I put garlic in it? Or used an old avocado? I don’t know.)
 I then decided to try to use it as avocado hair conditioner, but then my hair smelled like garlic- which is NOT appealing at all. So the guac just sat in the fridge and got yuckier.
(cause that’s the best way to deal with icky food, right? Just let it sit in the fridge a while?? Yeah….)

I even tried to feed it to the chickens, but there were no takers. This gal just smelled it and then ran away.

So, it went in the compost.
Hopefully the bugs eat it!

How did you do this week??
If you’d like to share, stop over at Kristen’s blog The Frugal Girl, she’s the one who inspired all of this food waste documentation. It’s worth a read! 🙂

Food Waste Friday: Lemon and Chicken

Hello, it’s time once again for..


This week we had a few things wasted:

Half a lemon that went all moldy and mushy on me- it went straight into the compost.

Then, a tiny bit of leftover fajita chicken that had sat out for about 3 hours after I cooked it, then I put it in the fridge, but then felt like we shouldn’t eat it, just in case. So I threw that away. It was probably one serving worth.

On the good news side of things, I’ve started grocery shopping weekly again as opposed to twice a month and it seems like we’re doing a better job of eating up leftovers and not letting things go bad. I suppose it’s because we don’t have as many things to eat, so we eat what we have! Not a bad thing at all. 🙂

Also, I just had to share this picture because it was such a delicious meal:
Grilled BBQ chicken thighs (on sale at Aldi for $2.55!), rice, green beans, cucumbers from our garden and tomatoes from a friend’s garden- there’s nothing like home grown produce, y’all! It was SO good. And so pretty!

I  hope those of you in the States had a lovely 4th of July, and those of you outside the States had a nice Wednesday as well! 😉

This is linked to The Frugal Girl, who is the brains behind all of this food waste documentation.

Food Waste Friday: Nada!

Hello everyone, and happy Friday!

This week I had NO waste!
I’m so excited!!!!!!

I did give the chickens a few bits of leftover oats and other odds and ends but didn’t count that as waste but rather a save since it gives the chickens extra nutrition and saves the scraps from rotting in a landfill.

I didn’t get a chance to post last week because it was my birthday, but we did waste some taco meat which I was pretty upset about. We rarely waste meat, but this just sat out in the pan overnight and so into the trash it went. It was probably about a serving or two.

That’s it!

This is kind of a boring post…so here are a few pictures of the kid’s new favorite pastime.
They have a small plastic swimming pool, but a huge mud puddle is just so much more fun!

Hope you’re having a lovely summer!
It’s hot as all get out here, and I’m very much looking forward to fall. These hundred degree + temperatures are just not for me.

This post is shared at The Frugal Girl, who is the brains behind all of this food documentation. 🙂

Food Waste Friday: Watermelon and Chickens

Good Morning!


I thought I was scot-free with no waste this week, but a watermelon had something else to say.
When I cut it open I found this….

So we just cut out those small bad spots and fed them to the chickens who enjoyed them very much.
Then we ate the rest in a day and a half, saving the rinds and putting them in the freezer to help the chickens cool down on hot days. Frozen watermelon is a great snack for them.

They do this every morning- roost on our patio bench built out of pallets.
That’s our garden in the background.

Other than the watermelon, we had no waste! The little bits of the kid’s leftover food that I’d usually throw away were given to the chickens, so I consider that a save rather than waste since it saves us money on chicken feed. 🙂

Did you waste a lot of food this week?

This post is shared at The Frugal Girl, who is the brains behind all of this food waste documentation. When you watch what you waste, it saves you money! Try it sometime. 🙂

Food Waste Friday: Tortillas and Ants

It’s Friday!


I bet from the title today, you can guess what I’ve wasted, can’t you??

A whole bag of corn tortillas.
I can say, it’s not entirely my fault, as Eliana got into the fridge, got the tortillas out and took them outside and put them in her wagon, covered up with a blanket (the minds of two year olds!) And I didn’t find them until hours later…covered in ants.
Then they got left out overnight, and survived a “watering” by Eliana as she watered the plants. By then, the ants had had their fill, so I took a picture and then chucked the sad tortillas into the garbage.
Good thing they were only a dollar or two at Aldi, but still, I’m sad because I was planning on making some enchiladas with them.

The only other thing I wasted was this.
Some pasta that I forgot I cooked for the kids, so I put some leftover cucumbers and tomatoes and tzatziki in it, but it just didn’t taste very good. There was only a little bit though, so I don’t feel too bad.

Overall, not a horrible week.

And, in other news, we had a kitten randomly show up at our door this morning, so I think that “Chaps” (which I really said should be named Patches but the kids jumbled up the name so now she’s Chaps) might be a new member of our family. We fed her, so I think she might end up staying. As you can see, the kids are thrilled to have another animal to play with. 🙂

Also, I”m featured over at Jane’s {Adventures in Dinner} today! So if you want to see an easy craft, go check that out as well. 🙂

This post is inspired by Kristen over at The Frugal Girl, who started documenting her food waste in hope that it would decrease. It has, and she’s inspired countless others to be aware of our waste and to reduce it in order to save food and money.