How to Boost Your Immune System in 3 Easy Steps

Its that time of year once again-

The days are getting shorter and cooler, I’m enjoying the crisper weather and savoring every last bit of sunshine before the cloudy, dismal fall and winter days arrive.

The Olympic Mountains on a sunny fall day

The Olympic Mountains on a sunny fall day

This picture was taken a few weeks ago. These last few days have been pretty blustery- I think those gray fall days may be here!

The kids are back to school (or homeschool, in our case) and it seems like everywhere you go you hear coughing or sniffling from someone.

So how do you avoid getting sick?

This is not an absolute guarantee that you won’t catch a cold, but here are some ways to boost your immune system to combat or ward off those pesky viruses.

  1. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. If you aren’t getting adequate rest, your body just can’t function well and your immune system is lowered. At least 7-8 hours a night is a good target number for adults, 9 hours or more for kids under 10.
  2. Cut back on your sugar intake. Sugar interferes with the body’s immune system and keeps it from fighting off bacteria. It also creates inflammation in the body. It is no coincidence that a lot of kids get sick right after Halloween. Sugar definitely affects our health negatively!
  3. Use herbal supplements and essential oils to boost your immunity. Elderberry syrup is excellent for cold and flu season and can be taken as a preventative, 1 teaspoon a day for adults and children. Astragalus is also a great herb that helps keep you from getting sick and is safe for kids to take daily. Garlic and honey are both anti-bacterial and natural antibiotic without killing that good bacteria in your body. If you’ve been around someone who is sick, make sure you’re ingesting some (or all!) of these things. Diffusing essential oils can help too- clove and sweet orange oil clean the air as well as smell amazing. Frankincense oil reduces inflammation in the body. If you find yourself getting stuffy, eucalyptus oil will clear you right up.   If you want to make your own elderberry syrup, here is a great recipe.
    If you want to buy elderberries or astragalus or any other herb, check Mountain Rose Herbs. They sell top quality herbs, essential oils and tea at good prices. Your local health food store probably carries elderberry syrup as well. For a great way to kick out viruses or infections when you feel them coming on, try a garlic poultice. What are some ways that you’ve naturally boosted your immune system? I can think of a lot more- I just wanted to try and keep it short with 3 easy tricks. Stay tuned for another post about how to shorten the time you have a cold or the flu!

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