Announcing Something Exciting…..


So, around here it’s been pretty quiet lately. I apologize.

There have been a TON of things going on lately, one of the most important being….that I’m pregnant again!!


Me at 12 weeks. Please ignore the toothpaste dots on the mirror. 😉

We’re so excited that God has blessed us with the creation of another little one to care for and raise up in His love.

Baby number 3 is expected around March 12, 2014.

So I’ve been doing a lot of sitting on the couch, feeling completely exhausted, feeling nauseous, nibbling on food constantly to keep me from feeling sick, being overly emotional about everything and nothing, you know. The normal early pregnancy stuff.  🙂

Thankfully, I’m 12 weeks along now and the nausea has faded and I’m starting to get my energy  back. Hooray!!

We’ve heard the baby’s tiny heartbeat, like a little galloping horse in my belly and it’s just so cute! I love that precious sound.

We’re seeing a midwife and planning on a home birth- Eliana was born at home and we much preferred it to Ethan’s hospital birth, although we didn’t have any major issues/complications with his labor. Home is just a lot more comfy, and way less expensive!  I love being able to fall asleep in my own  bed with my baby next to me instead of sleeping in the uncomfortable hospital bed with nurses coming to check on me every few hours.

So you’ll probably be seeing some handmade baby clothes soon, maybe some homemade diapers and wipes and diaper cream, etc. I’m excited that this time around I can make a lot of the stuff that baby will need, instead of buying it.

I have TONS of stuff pinned on my Pinterest baby board and I can’t wait to get sewing! 🙂

I’ll still write about other things too, don’t worry, so don’t stop reading if you don’t have a baby/don’t care.

Thanks for following along with me in this journey!

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