Transplanting Tomatoes

I planted some tomato seeds a ways back- about a month and a half ago,

and stuck them on the window seat, where they would get lots of light.

It turns out that they didn’t get quite enough light, and got kinda leggy so I added a florescent light and that helped.

I think next year I might invest in a grow light and heat pad.

Anyway, the time had come to transplant those little babies-

their roots were growing out of the newspaper cylinders and egg cartons I had planted them in.


Hubby is such a sweet heart and surprised me with a bunch of larger containers and I had some leftover seed starting soil, so I went ahead and transplanted the tomatoes, 4 to a container.

Did you know that when you plant tomato plants (even the ones you get from the store) that if you bury the stalk all the way up to the top three leaves, it will root out of the stalk and give the plant a more secure base, making it stronger? I just think that’s so cool!


When I was transplanting, I realized I had started a lot more little tomato plants than I thought!  I ran out of containers and had to get creative- luckily my dad consumes loads upon loads of powdered coffee creamer (put in loads and loads of  coffee, of course) so he had a bunch of these laying around and was kind enough to share them with me.


The little tomato plants look much happier and these will let them grow big enough to plant into the ground in a month or so. (At least I hope they will!)

I’m SO excited- this weekend we’re tilling the garden! Our neighbors down the street are super generous and nice and they are letting us borrow their tiller. You can probably guess what  one of my next posts will be about. 😉

I also have more chicken news, if you’re not sick of hearing about them. Some is sad and some is good- I’ll tell you what’s goin’ on  tomorrow.

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