Growing Sweet Potatoes: My experiment

So, this year is the first year we’ve had space enough and the desire to have a big garden, and I have a whole passel of seeds just waiting to slip into the dark moist earth once it’s warm outside and the danger of frost has passed.

I still have three weeks until that day so until then; I’ve been busy starting seeds and plants indoors. It’s so hard to wait!!


Heirloom Amish Paste Tomatoes sprouting up.

I decided to do a little science experiment with sweet potatoes.

I went and bought some organic sweet potatoes, put them in a dark place for a while, then put a couple of them in jars of water in the windowsill.

After just a few weeks, roots appeared on one. I was so excited!
But the real test was if they would develop leaves, because water roots don’t always mean that the plant will actually grow. (I’ve learned this the hard way with propagating gardenias from cuttings.)


A couple of days later….leaves popped out!


Oddly enough, the sweet potato that has roots doesn’t have any leaves, and the one with leaves doesn’t have any roots. What does this mean? I have no idea.

Do any of you more experienced gardeners know??

I’m going to plant both of them and we’ll see how they grow- I read somewhere that you can cut out the leaf sprouts and plant them separately, so I may try that so I can get a few plants off of the potato that has leaves, and hopefully the other potato gets some leaves. We’ll see!

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