DIY Wine Box Shelves

I have this thing for old, weathered wood.
I love the way it looks! I like the way it feels when you run your hands across it. Rough, weathered.

Old barns, pallets, fences, the woodpile….

A Trip to the Mountains

Road Trip: Finished!

Especially barns. I love barns!
Maybe it’s because my dad is a logger and we always have tons of wood laying around outside the house, or maybe I just like things slightly rustic, but I really really like the look of weathered wood.

There’s just something so wholesome about it. It has no pretenses. It has simple beauty. It has great texture.

DIY Pallet Headboard

Guess what?
We found some great old wooden crates outside in one of my parent’s storage containers.

One is a champagne box, vintage 1937 and the other had minced ginger in it at one point.

We took them in and cleaned them up.


Then we hung them on the wall in our room.



Instant, rustic, beautiful storage.

For only the cost of the hardware to hang them.


I LOVE them.

They make our room seem so cozy and rustic and more organized, since my fabric beforehand was in a box on the floor. 😉


We also found this old jar and put it on the shelves,  just for fun.  “Grandma Wheaton’s Old Fashioned Recipes Canning Jar” How cool is that?!

I really like old stuff. Do you?


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