Fabric “Tea” Bags

My daughter loves her pretend tea set.

She got it for her 3rd birthday back in November and she and it have been inseparable since.

Playing tea set always involves lots of water being poured from one cup to another, with some inevitably ending up on the floor. Do we discourage this? No. We just put a towel underneath and let her have a blast. Β Little girls need their tea time!


I saw an adorable little project on PinterestΒ  the other day, and even though I though that Eliana wouldn’t actually use them for tea (since there’s a lot of water involved and I’d rather not have these little gems get soaking wet) I thought I’d still make them because they are so darn cute! I actually didn’t even go to the website, I just looked at the picture and figured I could do it and went to my sewing machine.

Fabric Tea Bags!!


Not filled with tea, of course; just with batting.

But they’re super easy to make, so I thought I’d share.

First, decide how many tea bags you want to make.
I made four since Eliana has four tea cups.

(Although in the pictures there are only 3 because I ran out of thread on my bobbin and didn’t feel like winding another one because it was already really late at night and I figured I should go to bed instead of sewing into the wee hours.)

Cut out a few little rectangles, and fold them right sides together and sew up the sides, leaving the top open.

This is the last tea bag, where I ran out of bobbin thread. Sew on both sides, not just part of one. πŸ˜‰


Turn inside out, fill with a smidgen of batting, then fold the raw edges down, insert a ribbon into the top, sew across the top.

Then, if you want a tea “tag” take a few tiny squares of fabric, sew them together with the ribbon sandwiched in the middle.

And you have yourself an adorable pretend tea bag!


I think these could make super cute Christmas ornaments too, if you made the tea bag string a loop so you could hang it over the Christmas tree.

Now, go make a few and enjoy a tea party with your little one!

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