Natural Flea, Tick and Worm Control For Your Pets

You know what I hate?

The fact that to get a flea medicine that actually works for my dog/ cat and actually kills the fleas, I have to spend $40 per animal.

It’s highway robbery, I tell you!

Guess what though?

You  don’t have to spend that much. 

In fact, you can spend a whole lot less!

Have you ever heard of Diatomaceous Earth?

I hadn’t either, until we got our chickens and I saw red lice on them (ew!!) and googled how to get rid of them.

Diatomaceous Earth.

Guess what kills fleas, ticks and worms, and whatever other buggy creature that might be crawling around on/inside of your animals?

Yep. DE.

And its WAY less expensive than flea medicine.

It’s awesome.

DE is actually the exoskeletons of phytoplankton, so even though to us it looks like a gray or white or red powder (depends on what kind of rock it’s from) , to bugs its razor sharp and cuts through their soft little skins and dehydrates them and kills them.

We used it in Memphis to help keep roaches from coming into our house- we sprinkled DE around the doorways and along the baseboards and anywhere else we saw any suspicious bug activity.

If you mix a bit of it into your animal’s food (up to 2% of the total volume of the food) then it will de-worm your critters and help keep them flea and tick free.


Make sure you get food grade or feed grade Diatomaceous earth; not pool grade. Pool grade is for swimming pools and will KILL your animals if you feed it to them.


You can find DE at your local feed store, or maybe even a hardware store. This bag cost around $30 and it lasts several months since you just put a little bit in your pet’s food at a time. We’ve had our current bag for 4 months and its only half gone.

Beware that it can irritate your lungs and your animal’s lungs, so don’t sprinkle it in windy conditions and try not to breathe the dust that it creates when you put it in the food. A simple dust mask will work to keep it out of your airways if you’re sensitive to it.

Also, this stuff kills good bugs as well as bad bugs, so if you’re using it in your house or outside, make sure that you aren’t throwing it around everywhere because you’ll kill your ladybugs and bees as well as roaches and spiders.
It also washes away when it rains or if you get the powder wet, so take care to keep it in a dry place and use it frequently in your animals’ food.

We just put a few spoonfuls into the dog food every time we refill it and stir it up nicely. The dogs actually lick the last bits out of the bowl!

So. If you want to try a natural alternative to conventional flea medicine, give Diatomaceous earth a try. It works!

This post is not sponsored in any way- I just like using DE to kill bugs! 🙂

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