Baby Shower Gifts

I went to a baby shower this past weekend, and I thought I’d show you what I made for the momma.

Lately I’ve been trying to make more gifts than buy them, for several reasons. First, it saves money for us, which we need for other things like…food and bills and gas. 🙂

Secondly, I’ve been feeling a lot that our culture is such a disposable society- if you need (or want) something, just go out and buy it! It’s convenient, but a lot of times what we buy is lacking personality or that “special something”. Of course, there are things that are just much easier and more cost effective time-wise to buy than to make, too. I think there’s a balance there.

I wanted to make a gift that was functional and durable but super cute, too.

Every mom can use a few more burp cloths for those times when baby loses his lunch and a little bag to hold some diapers.  I needed something to hold the gift in, and am too cheap to pay 2.29 for some tissue paper so I made a gift bag as well. It turned out to be more of a small purse, and I wish I had more of the fabric so I could make myself one!


For the burp cloths, I layered muslin, a towel and flannel together and added a ribbon and ruffle at the bottom just for fun. They are nice and thick and absorbent.


The diaper holder is just muslin lined with cotton, and  fastens with velcro for an easy open and close.

The bag is the same cotton as the liner of the diaper holder and is lined with denim for durability.


I just love that bicycle fabric! My good friend Laura was kind enough to give me a bunch of fabric from her stash, since I had to get rid of all mine when we moved across the country. This fabric is one of my favorites! Its so cheery. 🙂


I just love making bags!  They’re so fun and quick and the possibilities are endless as far as design goes.

Maybe someday I’ll open an online shop and sell them.

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