Hello World!

Guess what?

Sweet Swan Songs is now

Live Simple Natural.

Live as in “living” not “live” as in Alive.

I’ve gone and done it- made the switch to WordPress, the “next step” in being a blogger. I’m going to upgrade my account shortly to be just livesimplenatural.com, but for now we’re still using the wordpress domain name for a bit longer.
How does this affect you?
It doesn’t.

At least, it shouldn’t.

Everything from Sweet Swan Songs has been imported onto this site, so you should still be able to access all of my posts and still be following my blog if you were before. If you’d like to follow my blog, sign up down at the footer, or follow on Facebook if that’s more convenient.

Please let me know if you run into any issues accessing anything and I’ll do my best to iron them out.

I’m so excited to have a fresh new look!

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