A Fun Fall Craft: Leaf Creatures!

 A few days ago I was browsing Pinterest and saw an idea that I just knew the kids would love:

Leaf Creatures!!

The website linked to Pinterest was just a photo, but these are so easy to make you don’t need instructions. I’m going to give them to you anyway. 😉

1.) Gather some leaves.

2.) Find some googly eyes. Varying sizes are best.

3.) Glue or stick the googly eyes to the leaves and then use either popsicle sticks or, if you don’t have any of those, regular sticks to make a little handle for your kiddos to parade the leaf creatures around. I didn’t want to wait for the glue to dry on the sticks, so I just used some twine to tie the sticks to the stem of the leaf.


They are SO cute!
You could even go crazy and make them have mouths, but we didn’t have the supplies for that. I like them with just eyes.

So go find some fall leaves and have fun!!!

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