KCWC Week Day 1: Cheating, Kind Of

It’s day one of Kid’s Clothing Week Challenge, where you sew an hour every day
(or cut patterns or fabric to get your stuff ready to sew) for a week and make some cool stuff for your kiddos. If you want to join in or see what others are making, to check out the Elsie Marley blog- That’s where the real cool stuff is at!!
There’s some amazing sewing goin’ on this week, a bunch of WAY more talented people than I are sewing all kinds of beautiful clothing for their kids. Someday, I hope to be that good. 🙂

I’m kind of cheating today, because I didn’t actually make something for my kiddos but something for my kiddo’s toy.

Eliana had a dolly that she got from the thrift store a few weeks ago that is naked. Thankfully whoever made it had the foresight to sew undies onto her, but the poor doll had no clothes so I decided to sew her a dress.

This was a very simple dress; I could’ve put more embellishments on it, but I just didn’t want to take the time.
Doll dresses are hard to make because they are so stinkin’ small!
I take my hat off to people who have the patience to make doll clothes on a regular basis- I don’t think I’ll be making a lot of them because they are just kind of tedious, in my opinion.

Here is the pattern I used, from Quaint and Quirky. She made an adorable rag doll and this is the clothing pattern for it. The doll Eliana got from the thrift store was around the same size, so I just adjusted the sizing and made her dress slightly smaller.

I had some knit fabric that I used so I didn’t have to hem anything. If you are venturing into doll clothes making, knits are great because they save a lot of time- those tiny stitches you have to make on the hem are killer!
I did hand-sew a hem around the neck hole to make it look nicer, then put some cute little buttons for a bit of detail.

The sleeves are inside out…(on purpose, of course)……Ahem….
I seem to have trouble with sewing on sleeves.
Everytime I try to put sleeves on I do it wrong at least once, and this time I sewed them on upside down and inside out the first time, then inside out the second time.
As you can see, I didn’t feel like picking the seams and trying for a third time, so the dolly got inside out sleeves. We can say its for contrast. Yeah. That’s it. 😉

That’s it!

I’ll be back tomorrow with some pants for my son, Ethan (hopefully!).
He needs a few more pairs, or I just need to do laundry more often. 😉

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