Fall is Here!

It’s officially fall, my favorite season!

The mornings are chilly, with fog wafting over the fields and the days still mostly sunny and warm.
It frosted this morning for the first time, and boy did the heat from the woodstove feel nice this morning as it warmed our sleepy house!

I love fall.
I love the changing colors, the coolness of the outdoors, getting to wear sweaters and seeing pumpkin stands on the side of the road.
I love making apple crisp for dessert and chicken soup for supper, with homemade biscuits and settling down for a nice lively card game after dinner with my family.
I love seeing my breath in the air as I exhale, the crispness and chill that tries to creep into my bones but is banished as soon as I step in front of the toasty warm wood stove with a cup of hot tea in my hand.

The Italian Prunes are ripe on the tree and my mom and I picked all of the good ones a couple of days ago. There were quite a few, so we decided to make prune (or plum? what’s the difference, anyway?) butter.

We made some in the crockpot, let it cook overnight and….its kinda gross. It looks good here, but when it was done, it just wasn’t very good.
It wasn’t totally gross, as in ‘just can’t eat it or I”ll gag’, but I’ll be honest: if there was another choice to put on my bread, I’d take it.
So….we put it in the freezer (because that’s what you do with food that you don’t really like but don’t want to throw out just yet) and might make some muffins or something out of it.
I’m kinda disappointed because it smelled amazing and looked really good, but when we tasted it…yeah. Not so good.

In other news,
Monday was Tim and my (Tim and I’s? Mine and Tim’s? Grammar help??) 7 year anniversary and we went out on a lunch date to celebrate.
We had lunch at this cute little bakery in Coupeville and then walked on the pier, then went thrifting.
Here are a few pictures from that, it was a gorgeous day!!

The Coupville Pier

That bird sitting up there is a Blue Heron

Gorgeous, Huh? I still kinda feel like we’re on vacation…haha it’s just so beautiful everywhere you go. I can’t believe I took this all for granted when I was a kid. It’s so nice to be back. 🙂

Hey, next week is Kid’s Clothes Week Challenge, and I’m going to be participating again!

If you want to know more about it, check out the Elsie Marley blog and sign up, it’s so fun!
You sew an hour a day for a week and see how many things you can make for your kiddos. (Or grandkids, or friend’s kids.)
I’m going to be making Christmas stockings and maybe some doll clothes, and possibly something else if I can find anything cool on Pinterest, which I’m sure won’t be hard. 😉

That’s all for today’s ramblings, come back in a few days for something new!

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