$10 Bathroom Redo

Guess what I’ve been up to?

 Redecorating the powder room in my parent’s house!
This tiny bathroom is right in front of you when you come in the front door and is really in a handy spot…but it was….sad.
It was just plain white, with the basics in it: a towel. hand soap, a mirror, a sink and of course, a commode.
Nothing special, although it functioned just fine.
I wanted to make it pretty, because pretty things are just so much more fun, right?
I think so.
Off to the hardware store we went!
I spent $10 on a painting tray, paintbrush and roller and when we got home, I got right to work.
My mom already had some paint left over from when they did the kitchen. It was a nice green color, but I wanted to lighten it up a bit so I added a little white paint, mixed it really well and went to town on those sad, grayish-white walls.
I forgot to take a picture of the before, but here is a dingy white wall that is very similar to what the bathroom looked like before. (This is the next bathroom on the repainting list.)

(Gold hardware!?! Ick! But I don’t want to spend the time spray painting all of it, so it stays for now. This used to be my Grandma’s house and she chose gold hardware for everything.)
Here is what that cute little powder room looks like now:

Nice change, huh?
I brought the blue vase in from atop the piano, made a curtain out of off-white linen and added white towels for a nice, clean look that is simple yet cozy.
I’m pleased, and now I’ll actually want to use it instead of walking down to the other end of the house where the nicer bathroom is. šŸ˜‰
Paint really can work miracles!


If you have a sad, plain room in your house, go and get some paint and transform it into something fabulous!

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