Life In Washington

We’ve now been in Washington for not quite a week and it already feels like home.
It might help that it was my home for 18 years, but even the rest of my family is settling right in as if we’ve always been here.
Of course, we still have moments of adjusting- the coolness of the nights chills us all to the bone, even though it only is in the 50’s and we miss our Tennessee friends. (Hi, friends! We love you!!)
We’ve yet to make any new friends, but I know we will at some point.

But overall, life is good.
Tim has been able to work several days with my brother Scott’s boss doing concrete and replacing broken pipes, digging holes, that kind of work. Even though it’s only part time and probably temporary, we’re incredibly thankful.
The kids have been playing outside and roasting hot dogs over a huge fire and digging in the dirt pit and helping Tim split wood to deliver to someone. (Another odd job to earn some money!)
God is taking good care of us. 🙂

(Lest you think everything is perfect, Ethan is currently grounded in his room for repeatedly disobeying and hitting his sister. Life is not all sunshine and giggles.)

Here are a few pictures of our beautiful home, and some fun we’ve had since we’ve been here.

Here I am, taking pictures of clotheslines again..but isn’t this one pretty? My daddy made it.

A water pump in the back yard. It still works.

My mom’s gorgeous hydrangeas

Itailan Prunes- what could be fresher than just picking them off the tree? Organic at it’s finest.

Ethan watching the cows next door.

Ellie going on a walk down the driveway

Blackberries from the bushes right down the driveway. I made blackberry cobbler with them Yum!

My awesome Daddy, workin’ on the bulldozer.

My sweet Mom, picking blackberries with me

My Parent’s house- and now our’s too!

Tim and Ellie splitting wood together

Ellie’s first time playing in the Puget Sound. She loved it!

Playing at Double Bluff- so much fun!

Cookin’ hamburgers with Poppa Don


What our mornings look like around here.

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