Change Is A Comin’….

Things have been a little crazy around here (or a LOT crazy)


We’re moving!

In two weeks.

Clear across the country, to Washington State.

It’s a long story but basically, we’re losing our home here in Tennessee and moving to Washington to live with my parents in their big house out in the country.

 I feel like I have to add that we’ll be paying them rent and getting jobs, we won’t just be bumming around. 🙂

Please don’t feel sorry that we’re losing our house.
We know this is what God wants- He orchestrated the whole thing.
He gives and takes away, and we know that this is Him taking (a big) something away for us to purify us from our attachment to worldly goods and comforts. Honestly, it’s been really freeing.

Okay so here’s the scoop because I know you have questions so I’ll try to answer some of them:

We are WAY underwater on our house (a.k.a. owe more than we could sell it for) and couldn’t sell it if we tried (and we wanted to in the spring!)
But we just accepted the fact back in April that we couldn’t sell or rent our house and were planning to live here for who knows how long and then…
God opened a door.
A big one.
Not the one we expected, not the easiest one to go through, our pride (and credit) has taken a hit for sure!
But the right door.
So we’re walking through it.

We got behind on our mortgage and were frantically praying for God to provide, and he said, “No.”
He has something better for us in Washington, and I’m so thankful that even though it’s been a hard process, I’ve had such a peace about the whole thing.
I know He’s got us. So I don’t have to worry about anything. (which is hard, because worrying is kinda one of my favorite pastimes.) But I really feel at peace now. It’s wonderful.

We’ve sold almost all of our “stuff” and are planning to drive across the country on a 5 day road trip with whatever we can fit in our trusty little Toyota Corolla, along with our two kids and dog Lucy AND our kitten, Baby Kitty.

We. Are. Crazy.  Who brings a kitten cross country? We do.
Also: who names a kitten “Baby Kitty”? We do. Original, right??

I’m so looking forward to my parents being able to see the kids (every day!) and for the kids to get a rural upbringing without gunshots in the night and drug deals on the corner.

Yep. That really happens where we live now.
Oh, and I forgot to mention the rednecks that live behind us that blast their country music and ride their go-carts around their back yard ALL DAY LONG and blow dust all over my clean laundry hanging on the line…

Then there are the things that we’ll miss here like our dear, dear friends; going running along the Mississippi, the fun free events that are available in the city and just the pretty leafy trees and the cicadas humming and the fireflies twinkling in the twilight.

Instead, we get to wake up and look out at fog-covered cow fields and run around in a huge yard and see bald eagles on a regular basis flying over the blue, blue ocean and not have to worry about getting obliterated by a tornado.
We’re going to be right near the beach so we’re really excited about building sand castles and taking nature walks and just enjoying the things in life that matter-God and family and being outside with each other, enjoying God’s creation together.

Please pray for us, that we wouldn’t go insane on the trip and that we’d get there safely.
My blog posting may be a bit spotty here in the next few weeks but I promise you I’m taking a TON of pictures on our trip across this beautiful country. I can’t wait!

5 thoughts on “Change Is A Comin’….

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  2. Mmm Becca I am so excited for you! Jesus has so much freedom for your family, and I am so excited that He is moving forward in showing you this freedom. I'm praying for you guys as you pack, sell, clean, sleep (praying for LOTS of it, and DEEP, REFRESHING sleep!), and begin your journey up to the good old Northwest… I love you! So excited for you!

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