Food Waste Friday: Only buy what you will actually use

Hey, Friends it’s


And I missed out on last week because I was getting ready for my Ethan’s 5th birthday party.
However, I have some waste to show you this week….one of which isn’t even opened at all.
(hangs head in shame)

We bought this 2-pack of ranch dressing at Costco about…, I’d say 9 months ago and we JUST finished the first bottle.
Check out the expiration date:

What was I thinking?!?!
We don’t eat that much ranch dressing!

I feel terrible for wasting an entire gargantuan bottle but I was scared to try eating it after the expiration date, with the egg yolks and stuff in there.
If I’d have been more proactive, I’d have at least donated it to a food bank like 6 months ago.
I will never buy that much again- I actually want to try my hand at making my own ranch dressing sometime, without all of the soy protiens and hydrolized oils in it.

Moving on.
The only other things we wasted this week were:
A serving of chicken curry that hubby took to work and didn’t eat and then it got left out unrefridgerated for several hours

and a couple of half-eaten hot dogs and a half a slice of bread. ( no picture for that one though.)

How did you do this week?

This is shared at The Frugal Girl, who was inspired back in 2008 to document her food waste in hopes of reducing it. It worked, and she invited others to join in, and so Food Waste Friday was born!

5 thoughts on “Food Waste Friday: Only buy what you will actually use

  1. Ooh, I like the idea of using plain yogurt instead of buttermilk. More protein and much healthier. And thanks for the tip about dried herbs, I wouldn't have thought about that!

  2. Too bad about the ranch dressing. I have always wondered myself, about things like mayo that are getting close to their expiry.I've made versions of ranch dressing before. Best results came from using dried herbs, as they kept the dressing thick –garlic powder, dried onions, dried parsley and chives, salt, black pepper, plus plain yogurt (or buttermilk), milk and mayo.

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