Root Beer Floats: A Step Down Memory Lane

I remember when I was a kid, sometimes Mom or Dad would go to the store just for a few groceries and then they’d come home with a surprise: MUG root beer and vanilla ice cream!
 We’d fill our cups as full as we could with ice cream, then pour the root beer over it and watch as the beautiful, delicious foam crept up to the edge of the glass (and sometimes over it).
I used to try to get my foam to rise up as high as I could without it spilling over the rim, then slurp it down quickly, before any drops of the delicious dessert would be wasted.
I have such fond memories of it, that whenever I have MUG root beer (which is not often), it makes me want a root beer float. Mom and dad were smart though; there was NO way they were giving us five kids Barq’s root beer, with all that caffeine in it! 😉

Last night I was missing Washington and my family a lot, and hubby and I were planning on getting ice cream of some sort anyway, so I requested root beer floats.
Hubby and Ethan went on a “man date” to the store, and when they got home the fun began. 🙂
They went all out and bought whipped cream and delicious, fresh wonderful Bing cherries from Chelan, Washington too, just for me! My hubby is the best. 🙂

Side note: if you’re ever near Chelan, WA you should go visit, because there are tons of  organic orchards of cherries and peaches and nectarines and apples and apricots and a great waterpark and of course, Lake Chelan, with tons of fun water options there. Definitely worth a trip.

We used Breyers Vanilla ice cream and Virgil’s Root Beer for our floats because they don’t have any high fructose corn syrup in them and use only natural ingredients. They are SO good together. Man. If you’ve never had Virgil’s, you’ve never tasted what root beer is supposed to taste like. Try it sometime. (no, I was not paid to say this.)

MMM, I’m not gonna lie. I had two root beer floats because they were THAT good. 🙂

What is your fondest childhood memory regarding desserts??

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