Food Waste Friday: Unholy Guacamole

Greetings, it’s rainy here (hallelujah!) and I completely forgot it’s Friday.
Nonetheless, it is indeed:


The only thing we wasted this week…which should’ve actually been on last week’s docket was some guacamole that I tried to make that failed miserably.It tasted really gross, I’m not sure what I did wrong! (Maybe because I put garlic in it? Or used an old avocado? I don’t know.)
 I then decided to try to use it as avocado hair conditioner, but then my hair smelled like garlic- which is NOT appealing at all. So the guac just sat in the fridge and got yuckier.
(cause that’s the best way to deal with icky food, right? Just let it sit in the fridge a while?? Yeah….)

I even tried to feed it to the chickens, but there were no takers. This gal just smelled it and then ran away.

So, it went in the compost.
Hopefully the bugs eat it!

How did you do this week??
If you’d like to share, stop over at Kristen’s blog The Frugal Girl, she’s the one who inspired all of this food waste documentation. It’s worth a read! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Food Waste Friday: Unholy Guacamole

  1. I rinsed it with vinegar and then used shampoo (again, since I'd already washed my hair beforehand). It still smelled a tiny bit like garlic, so I took another shower the next day. :)Lemon Juice would've been a good idea though, wish I'd have thought of that!

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