Happy 4th!

I hope you’re all having a lovely fourth of July; we’re just kickin’ back and chilling..er trying to stay cool in the 100 + degree temps here in Tennessee.

Last night we did a few fireworks, and tonight we’re going to do a few more and we may venture out to the big fireworks show downtown if we want to brave the crowds and the heat. We’ll see.
We hit up a local thrift store today that was having a half off everything sale and got some great things that I’ll show you tomorrow or Friday. I have a few projects to make out of some of them that I’m really excited about!
Tonight, we’re looking forward to great dinner of pork tacos, watermelon and grilled corn on the cob. Yum!
Here are a few pictures from last night.
We put little flags on either side of our front porch for some festive flair. 🙂
Do you remember these from when you were a kid? They are still just as much fun.
Ethan LOVED making them pop!
We tried using matches….but really you just need a lighter to light these bad boys. So we went and got one.
“Pre-firework” testing…gotta make sure they work, right? 😉
My patriotic outfit today 🙂
Eliana was kind of afraid of the sparklers, but she managed to still do a few of them.
Jammies and sparklers- what fun!
Tanks fighting each other- another childhood favorite.
My fine man, about to light a rocket.
Double rocket launch!! Yeah!!
Hope you all have a safe, wonderful holiday. 🙂

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