Food Waste Friday: I Forgot What Day It Is.

So…since we got back from vacation on Monday, my days have been a bit mixed up and to be honest, I completely forgot today was Friday.

I’m not sure what day I thought it was…but not Friday.

Good thing I decided to get on the computer and check my blog stats!

Food Waste.


Honestly, this week has been pretty good!

 We bought these bananas last week at Aldi in Oklahoma and then overnight they…rotted?
I’m not sure really what was going on, but they didn’t go spotty and brown like usual, they just turned mushy and black and we were in a hotel room so I couldn’t bake banana bread or stick them in the freezer for later like I usually do.
I’m pretty disappointed about it. A whole bunch of bananas, gone.
Thankfully bananas are some of the less expensive fruits!

Also, we bought some strawberries the same day and the next day half of them were moldy. We did manage to eat the other half of the carton, and I know strawberries go bad quickly, but it was still sad.
I think I’m just getting a bunch of strawberry plants next year and growing my own. I’m tired of the store-bought ones molding so quickly.

Lastly, I cut open an onion to make dinner (venison cheeseburger chili mac and cheese)..and a layer of the onion was mushy and gooey inside.
So that went into the compost.

Money wise, I wasted about $1.99 total.
Bananas :$0.44/ lb and I got about 2 lbs so :$0.88
Strawberries: $1.99 and I tossed half the carton :$1.00
One onion that came in a 3lb bag that was $0.39/bag : about $0.11

How did you do this week?

This post is shared at The Frugal Girl, who is the brains behind all of this food waste documentation.
It really helps me cut back on my food waste if I have to take a picture of it and tell everyone how badly/ well I did. Try it, you might just save some food and some money in the process!

2 thoughts on “Food Waste Friday: I Forgot What Day It Is.

  1. I didn't know either, so I just threw the whole thing out. I suppose one could save a few layers, but I feel like that's going to a lot of trouble just to avoid a bit of waste.:)

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