KCWC Day 5- I Cheated And Didn’t Do Anything Yesterday.

Hey, All-

Yep. Yesterday I didn’t do one bit of sewing.
I figured that since I’d spent the previous two days sewing for more than an hour each, it was okay.
And I just needed a day off to clean the house. And play with the kids. And have a family date night.

Today I did do a bit of sewing.
I don’t think it took an entire hour, but I finished my project and really like how it turned out.
There’s this pants tutorial that I used a long time ago when I first started sewing (okay, it was just last year) and I still love it and used it to make these pants. I made them with a cotton fabric rather than a t-shirt material so I hemmed them-the tutorial has you making pants from a t-shirt and using the existing hem as the pant hem. Which is so easy peasy and great for when you’re beginning sewing like I was last year.
Thankfully, now I know how to hem and can tackle this project without using a t-shirt. Although I would’ve used a t-shirt if I’d had one handy. Anyway. Before I continue rambling, on to the actual pants…

They were supposed to be pajama shorts for Ethan, because he has a lot of winter jammy pants but not really any warmer weather jammy pants and it’s been in the 80’s here during the day, which means around 60 at night. Too warm for those flannel excavator pajama pants. 😉

So I thought this nice checked lightweight fabric would be perfect, and I whipped up some shorts…
but they were too small in the hips. Drat! I didn’t measure right.

Thankfully, Ethan has a little sister who fit into the pants just fine and dandy- they make really cute wide legged capris.

So, I’ll have to give the pajama shorts another go (maybe tomorrow?) but for now, we have …

Checked Capris

“Epan!” (How she says Ethan)

The legs are nice and wide, perfect for wrestling..

And running…

Or just sitting down to rest for a minute.

The best part? She actually likes wearing them.  🙂

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