KCWC Day 3- Cowboy Chaps

It’s day three of the Kid’s Clothes Week Challenge and I’m having so much fun sewing for the kids every day!
This spring I’m doing dress-up clothes for the kids, because we have been SO blessed with hand-me-downs in great condition from several different people and the children are more than outfitted through the fall. I’ve had to go through their clothes two or three times because there is no way they can possibly need 9 pairs of shorts, 8 skirts, 8 dresses, 15 shirts, 8 pairs of pants, etc. (of course the dresses and skirts are Ellie’s!) 😉

Anyway, today’s project was Cowboy Chaps.

Here is my inspiration: (thanks again, Pinterest!)


I made the chaps out of some faux leather that I found at Garden Ridge for $5.99. That was for two yards and we only used maybe half a yard for this project, so I need to dream up some more things to make with that fabric.
I have to tell you, these were pretty easy to make! I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting a lot more bumps in the road, but they came together beautifully, even with me having to modify them to make a velcro waistband. (the original has them just slide on a belt.) I think they took about an hour and  a half to make both of them- not too bad considering I just used the tutorial for the measurements and winged the rest.

Here are my little cowboys!

They are pretty excited to be able to dress up like cowboys- especially Ethan since he has a toy horse to ride around in his cowboy outfit.

The chaps kind of ended up hitting more to the side of their legs than the front, but that’s okay. It makes them easier to run around in.

And to just be a little ham 😉

I think they like them 😉

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