A few new things in our lives…

A  lot of things have been changing around the Swan homestead lately.
Namely, that we’ve begun the step of turning our little house into a homestead!

We were thinking and planning on moving to Oklahoma this spring to be nearer to family, but after a ton of prayer and then even more praying with our church small group, we decided to stay here in Tennessee.
Both hubby and I are looking forward to what God has for us here, and already things are turning out for the better!
Since we decided to stay here, we’ve started working on building a garden,

Our blueberry bushes are looking good this year!

This is a mystery plant that sprouted from our compost! Can anyone tell me what it is??

 We got chickies to raise for eggs and meat if any of them turn out to be roosters.

Our little one-week-old chicks

 We are also trying to make our tiny little house work better for the way we want to live. (This may involve tearing down walls at some point. Stay tuned. It could get dusty!)
Hubby also is starting a new job next week which has had some serious prayer put into it as well-we’ve been needing a change there for a long time. This job will fit him much better and allow him to have a lot more uplifting work environment.
So, things are a changing!

It is exciting.
It is freeing.
It is wonderful.

You know what’s the best part?
Being at peace. Knowing that this is what we are supposed to be doing. Just enjoying life, right now, as it is happening.

My clematis flowers are blooming like crazy right now!

My sweet girl eating wild strawberries in the backyard

Ethan, enjoying the afternoon swinging.

It’s a good place to be.

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