Furniture Makeovers

So I mentioned last week that we’d gotten some furniture from the thrift store and were going to redo it…then life happened. Our computer needed to get fixed, we went on vacation and..I am just now getting to showing you those pictures.

Our family went to the Goodwill last week and honestly, I wasn’t expecting much. For some reason I never have any luck finding things that I actually like at Goodwill. However, this time, we hit the jackpot!

We found:

A cute side table ($5.99)

A quirky chair with pretty vinyl fabric on it ($9.99)

A “taters and onions” bin (to store potatoes and onions in) ($4.99)
Don’t you just love the sunflowers?? (not…)

And several other smaller things- some dishes, a plastic shopping cart for Ellie and a wooden stick horse for Ethan, a small stool to be used for a bedside table.

We wanted to personalize the furniture and make it fit better in our house (ie, paint it with white spray paint) because we already have a lot of dark wood and our house is small, so white really brightens up the space.


Here is the side table now:

And the chair:

And…I haven’t finished the “tater and onions bin” yet- we need to get hardware on it but let me tell you, it looks WAY better now than it did with those sunflowers on it.

Painting these and seeing how nice they look inspired us and we decided to make over our secretary desk/hutch thing as well.

It looks like a million bucks!

Here is what it looked like before: blah. Too orangey and it made the dining room feel smaller. Which it definitely does not need. It had round, wooden handles on the drawers, I had just taken them off before the picture.

Here is what it looks like afterwards….ta-da!!

Isn’t it gorgeous??

The best part is, we only spent about $30 on redoing it.
4 cans of white spray paint and some new hardware and bam! A whole new hutch. I can’t stop looking at it.

Then a few days after all of this painting, we got this pretty couch from the Salvation Army, which is EXACTLY the kind of sofa I wanted but didn’t want to (and couldn’t) pay full price for.


Have you found some awesome things at the thrift store lately? Do tell!

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