Here is a post from my first blog I started (and stopped posting on last year because I started Sweet Swan Songs, and I liked it a lot better.)
I am going to be sharing the posts from my first blog here in the next few weeks, because I think they are relevant and I want to transfer them over to this blog. So, if you've read these posts, sorry! But in most cases, it's been a year since I posted them, so here is a fresh look at some of my thoughts from the past year.
This was written last summer. I'm about to plant the same kinds of flowers this year, and am looking forward to them looking as beautiful as they did last year!

Some thoughts on..Beauty.

My flowers are finally blooming!

Remember way back in the springtime when I said I'd take pictures of my flowers when they stopped looking like sticks and dirt?
Well, the ones that looked like sticks never really did anything except die. (mental note: do not buy flowers from root stock. None of the ones I planted this year came up! )
Thankfully,  my bulbs and seeds did decide to emerge from the soil and now I have lovely, lovely Zinnias and Dahlias and Sunflowers and Marigolds.

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