Growing Store-bought Produce

A few weeks ago I shared on my Facebook page an article I came across about how one can re-grow store bought produce like celery, lettuce, onions after you’ve used up the majority of them by simply putting the root end into some water and setting it in a window sill so it can get some light.

I tried it with some organic lettuce and lo and behold, it worked!

After just a few days, little leaves were peeking out of the stem of my lettuce.
Being the genius that I am, I decided to plant it in our flowerbed. (lettuce needs dirt for nutrients, right?)
Unfortunately, the birds also need lettuce for nutrients and they ate it right down to the ground and killed it.
(sad face)

I decided to try the same thing with some green onions that I got at the farmer’s market, although this time I am keeping them inside.
I put the white ends with roots on them in a jar with some water and…..

The next morning there were green shoots sticking out!
You can see where the new growth is- the dark green part.
Ellie thought they were pretty.

It’s so cool how God makes plants still grow even after being picked for who knows how long! (although since these were from the farmer’s market, they were probably fresher than onions bought at the store.)
Regardless, I am fascinated by it!

This is what they look like today, the second day they’ve been in the water.
It’s raining today, so the lighting isn’t as good.

So, don’t throw away your leafy lettuce roots, celery roots or green onion roots. (I bet you could grow leeks too.)  Use organic produce. Stick the ends in water and watch them re-grow, and make your money go further!


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