Death to the Pallet Table (or, there are times to not be frugal)

Last week, we bought a new table.

A cute, walnut finish breakfast nook similar to what we thought about buying last year and never did.

Instead of buying a table last year we were cheapskates and we made a pallet table ourselves.
It was really fun and a good learning experience- I love a DIY project to conquer, especially one I know nothing about.
And it only cost twenty dollars.

The pallet table was…
kinda scratchy.
And rough.
And food got stuck in the top creases of the plywood, even though it was stained a nice deep dark coffee color.
And it was a little bit big for the space of our minuscule dining room.

And we only had two chairs to sit at it with, after we sold those metal chairs in the picture at a garage sale. (they were part of a bistro set)
 This part could have been remedied, but we are picky and have to have ‘just the right chairs for just the right price’ and never found them.

So, we bit the bullet.
We dropped two hundred fifty smackaroos on this table. (which, when you look at tables is really not all that much, but it’s a chunk of change to us.)

um, so I just noticed this picture is a little tilted. Sorry. 🙂

And I
This table fits us perfectly, fits the space much better, and is just fun to sit at because you can slide all around the benches! And it’s smooth and cleans up easily.

The pallet table is now sitting forlornly on our curb, waiting to be picked up by either another person who likes quirky not always practical things, or by the garbage men. More likely the garbage men, since it’s been sitting there for about 4 days already.

Sometimes, it is worth it to invest in something you really want (or need) instead of just making do.
Lesson learned.
Just make sure you actually need the item instead of creating a need in your mind for it. 😉

Example: I don’t need a Coach purse. Honestly, I don’t even like them. (sorry if I offended some of you loyal Coach customers, but really. Do you NEED to spend that much on a purse? No.)

Anyway. We love our table, and it seats 6 or 7 people, AND it has storage under the seats! Which I have yet to figure out what to put under there. Blankets? Extra dishes? Probably it will end up being stash for the little’s toys once they figure out that those benches open. 😉

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