Organization: Spice Cabinet and Under the Kitchen Sink


Today we’re talking organization!

Last week, Kristen over at The Frugal Girl re-organized her spice cabinet
and it got me inspired to do mine as well.
Our spice cabinet isn’t really a spice cabinet;  at least it wasn’t meant to be.
It was a first aid cabinet at hubby’s work and he brought it home because it was empty; they got a new one and were going to throw it out. Now we use it for our spices and it works great! It’s metal, nearly indestructible and makes for a handy stool for the kids to stand on when they want to reach something. (usually something they’re not supposed to be able to reach.)

This is what it looked like before:

I emptied it out, wiped it down and then put the smaller spices into the cubbies in the doors, then added some spices and honey that had been living on top of our fridge into the cabinet, since there was now room for them! I also put the butter in there, but then moved it out onto the counter a bit later. It was too hard to get to.

Here is the after:

I also quickly reorganized under our kitchen sink. It really needs to be patched up (there’s old water damage under there) and repainted but I just wanted to wipe it down and rearrange things in there for now.

We keep our kitchen towels,  plastic grocery bags to be used for small trash can liners,trash bags, dish soap, natural cleaner, reusable grocery bags and dishwasher soap down under the sink.

Here is the before:

Kind of a jumbled mess, don’t you think?

Here is the after:

Still not very pretty, but at least it’s in better order! Someday we’ll paint it and make it pretty with baskets or plastic bins to hold things in but for now, how it is will have to do. Do you have any tips for beautifying under-sink ugliness? I’d love to hear them!

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