Food Waste Friday, January 6, 2012

Hello all!
Guess what? This past week we did really well with our food waste.
Only a couple of things to report, and those went into the compost. Oh, I wasted a bit of steel cut oats as well, but didn’t get a picture.

First up:
A few ends of bread that got nibbled on by the kiddos, then left out to harden enough to potentially be used as weapons against one another. Those went in the compost  before a bread fight broke out between the littles. 🙂

Next, some millet that (gasp!) expired in…are you ready for this?
August of 2008!

It’s been sitting in a baggie in my fridge, and just got left in there for…oh you know, 4 years. 😉
I honestly considered using it anyway, since it’s been in the fridge all this time, but I’m sure it wouldn’t taste very good so I just opted to put it in the compost. Since it’s organic; who knows? Maybe it will sprout in the compost pile and we’ll get millet plants.

Speaking of our fridge; I went grocery shopping this morning and we are full to the gills with all kinds of yummy food.
I spent $84.66 at Kroger, and $236.44 at Costco, for a total of  $321.10.
This should last us all month long, with the exception of an extra gallon of milk and maybe some produce, although I got a LOT this time, so we should be fine. Shopping once a month takes some getting used to, but it seems like it’s so much easier now! Only one big trip to the store, and we save money because when you go to the store, you usually get at least one more thing than you mean to. 🙂
Here’s what our fridge looks like right now:

In the produce drawers are : leeks, green onions, broccoli, zuchinni, butternut squash, cilantro, lettuce, potatoes, parsnips and probably some other stuff that I can’t remember.

And the freezer:

(Trust me, hot dogs are NOT all we eat. 🙂 those are for lunches for the kids- they roast them on our gas stove. They think it’s so fun!) Behind the hot dogs are 4 lbs organic ground beef, 4 lbs ground venison, venison roast, pork roast and bacon. 🙂

And our food cupboard/dry goods shelf:

The only thing I have left to do is make some granola and we’ll be all set.
I’ll be sharing our menu for the next month in a couple of days, so if you’re interested, stay tuned!

What are some ways that you can cut back on your food waste? Taking pictures of it and writing about it sure helps for me!

This post is linked to The Frugal Girl,, who is the brains behind all of this food waste documentation. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Food Waste Friday, January 6, 2012

  1. Its on facebook…and i think on pinterest too. I have almost finished it…should by the end of today and when i do i will post a picture. I used to do the piece of paper but there have been times that after grocery shopping my paper disappeared plus this has all my recipes right there too so i'm excited to start using it!

  2. I didn't; is it on your pinterest, or facebook? I do have a menu for the month, but it's just a piece of notebook paper on the fridge. Something cuter would be much better. 🙂

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