Gingerbread Houses – A New Tradition!

Hi and Merry Christmas Eve!
I hope you all are having a wonderful time relaxing with family, eating yummy food and hopefully remembering the reason we celebrate-  it’s Jesus’ birth!

Today we began a new tradition for our family- the first one that we’ve started that didn’t come from either of our families, I think.
We made gingerbread houses.

Actually, they are graham cracker houses, since I didn’t think about how much work it would be to make all of the real gingerbread and cut it into the right shapes. I also didn’t want to buy a pre-made kit, so we decided to do graham cracker houses.

Let me tell you, it’s a lot more work that I thought it would be! But it was so worth it. 🙂
I put the kid’s houses together,

then once the icing had hardened a bit (after about 5-10 min.) they got to decorate them with whatever candy they wanted to. We had sixlets, chocolate covered raisins, peach gummy rings, sweet tarts, peppermints and sprinkles.

Eliana had lots of fun sprinkling the sprinkles…everywhere except onto her house. 🙂

They had SO much fun.
We all did!
It’s gonna be fun to see how the gingerbread houses turn out every year- I’m already looking forward to taking pictures of next year’s houses.

Tim working on his house

My house

More sprinkles

The kid’s houses- Eliana’s is in the foreground, Ethan’s in the background

The finished products!

How cute is she??

Yep, pretty cute.

Love that smile!

After we were all done, our living room floor was completely covered in graham cracker crumbs, sprinkles and icing, along with the other candy that we had. Totally worth it. 🙂 Messiness is always worth it when fun is involved!

Ethan helped out by mopping the floor after I swept everything up.

What a great start to Christmas!!
I hope you all have a very merry Christmas, see you next week!

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