Making a Rag Rug, kind of. (or, beginning to get ready to make a rag rug.)

How is everyone out there in the world of the living and well?

We have been sick; out with terrible colds, coughs and Ellie decided to get her 2 year molars in at the same time she was sick, so it’s been a kind of tedious, “building character” kind of week, if you know what I mean. šŸ˜‰

(I just keep praying for patience and strength, so I don’t go crazy or fall over from exhaustion and thankfully, God has graciously given it to me most days. Praise the Lord!)

On a day we felt a little bit more chipper, I worked on this:

It’s going to be (at some point, probably not for awhile) a rag rug for Ethan, made out of some of his old baby clothes.
Now, before you go freak out on me for wasting baby clothes; I did donate the bulk of his baby stuff.
I gave some to friends and the rest to tornado survivors in Alabama and just kept my favorites to make into a rag rug.
I thought it was a cool way to re-use and keep the memories of his babyhood without keeping a bag of stuff I’m never gonna use again in the attic for 25 years. (Hopefully that wouldn’t happen, but you never know!)
Some time ago, before I got my sewing machine I cut them up into strips and sewed a few together by hand, but got tired of it and set them aside.

Enter the sewing machine.
(cue Hallelujah Chorus.)
I am SO thankful for it!!

It’s amazing how much more quickly the ball grows when you don’t have to sew by hand!
It’s also amazing how blurry close-up pictures turn out on my cheapo camera.
Maybe soon I’ll get a better one.

When I get three 6-in. around balls, I’ll braid them together into a long braid, then wrap them around into a round rug to go by Ethan’s bed.
I have some of Eliana’s baby clothes ready to do one for her as well, after I finish Ethan’s.

What are some ways you’ve found to re-use, or re-purpose clothes?? Did it work?

2 thoughts on “Making a Rag Rug, kind of. (or, beginning to get ready to make a rag rug.)

  1. Can't wait to see it all finished! You just reminded me I had totally forgotten that I still have balls and balls of denim strips from old jeans and more denim I need to make into strips so I can someday use them to make a rag rug.

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