Christmas Sewing Week

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?
Ours was fantastic. We have some very close friends that we share almost every Thanksgiving and Christmas with, and we went over to their house for dinner.
Neither of us have family in town, or state, or anywhere near and we’ve become each other’s family basically! We had a merry old time eating a proper Thanksgiving feast and then just enjoying each other’s company while the kiddos all played together with no major mishaps. šŸ™‚ We’re still working on finishing up all those leftovers! I have a feeling I may get very tired of eating stuffing in the near future.

As we all know, after Thanksgiving our thoughts tend to turn straight to Christmastime.
(image from Pinterest)

We have a fake white Christmas tree like this, that we put up on Friday. It doesn’t look anywhere nearly as nice as this one though, with a 2 and  4 year old constantly ‘rearranging’ the ornaments on it!

 (Black Friday craziness, anyone? Not me this year!!!)
 I stayed home and didn’t do a wink of shopping. Mostly because we have no money to do so right now.
Also because I’m becoming more and more content with what we already have, and beginning to value the simple things in life that can’t be bought, like sweet moments with my children and husband, friends. And I like the idea of more creative, handmade gifts.

Which brings me to…

Christmas Sewing.

Are you making anything for anyone this year, instead of buying it?

Remember when Kid’s Week Clothing Challenge was going on, back a couple months ago?
Well, afterwards my awesome childhood friend Laura asked me if I wanted to do a Christmas sew along the same lines, but sewing Christmas gifts or decorations for an hour each day, for a week. I said I’d love to!

Tomorrow is the beginning of that week! I’m excited!
This is what I have lined up to make for tomorrow:
( image from Pinterest)

How cute are these little birdies?!
I can’t wait to see how mine turn out. šŸ™‚

I’m going to make a bunch, out of my scrap fabric from my stash and give them as gifts, I think. And probably keep a few for our tree as well; they’re so cute I can’t just give them all away!
The kids are going to help me stuff them with batting, which Ethan in particular is excited about. He likes helping me do crafty stuff, and I love spending that time with him. šŸ™‚

I’m not sure what all else I’m going to make, other than some jammy pants for our family and maybe a few more gifts. We’ll see.

So. The Christmas Sew is on!

Join in, if you wish! Make some homemade handicrafts for yourself, or a friend, or your house. Have fun! I’d love to hear about what you make!

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