The Maya Wrap

Today Eliana isn’t feeling well and just wants to be held all the time.
With her being almost two years old, its kind of hard to do that because she just gets pretty heavy really fast!
I needed to make lunch, and was deciding whether or not to just let her cry or try to distract her when I remembered….
The Maya Wrap.

Let me tell you, this baby wrap is the best baby product I’ve ever had!
I got it from a dear friend when Ethan was a baby (Hi, Laura, love you! Thank you!) and used it with him, and then with Eliana.
It’s awesome.
You can cuddle and carry your baby (or toddler) while having both hands free to do other things. I thought it was great when Ethan was a baby, then I had Ellie and discovered it was a lifesaver. Being able to chase a toddler around while holding a baby and not worrying about dropping the baby is so. nice.

You can use it as a nursing wrap, a shopping cart cover, a blanket.
It comes with a dvd so you can learn how to thread the wrap through the rings. There are several different ways to wear your baby as he or she grows and learns to hold up their head, etc.
 I love that the shoulder folds out to completely cover your shoulder for more support.
When you wear it correctly, it’s really comfortable! I thought it would hurt my neck or shoulders, but it doesn’t unless you have it up too high or low on your back. Then you just adjust it till it feels better.

And how sweet is it for your husband to be able to carry his daughter, all snuggly and warm?

Tim and Eliana when she was only a couple months old

Family Picture taken in Washington State (my home!)  April 2010

I nearly got rid this wrap awhile ago, when we were going through all of our baby stuff and giving it away, (we’re not planning on having more kiddos) but I couldn’t bear to part with it yet. I’m glad I kept it!
I’m so thankful I could pull it out today to get some snuggles (and lunch made) while holding my sleepy little girl. ๐Ÿ™‚
Disclaimer: I don’t usually look like this. ๐Ÿ™‚ Today is one of those ‘stay in your jammies all day’ kind of days.
If you have a little baby, or are planning on having one, or know someone who is preggo, this would be a great gift!

P.s. I get no compensation from Maya Wrap for this post. (although I wish I did!) ๐Ÿ™‚

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