I am now a "seasoned" runner.

We did it!
Saturday Hubby and I, along with the kiddos riding in the jogging stroller, ran our first 5k race.
And we didn't die.


Really, it wasn't bad at all- just challenging enough that I felt like I was being stretched, but not so hard that I felt like I couldn't finish the race.

It was a beautiful morning too; nice and cool and sunny. Perfect for a race.

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3 thoughts on “I am now a "seasoned" runner.

  1. Hello.. love the good read.. I SHOULD try this 🙂 then I could run that 5K with you in Nov. of course my time might be 3 hours.. you guys would be waiting for me!! 🙂 you could go home eat dinner and come back and get me.. lol I am thinking I should try this.. you two have inspired me! (although I won't be ready by Nov. to run a 5k. Love ya! I am going to look this information up!

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