Today, I am..

Whew! This week has been a little crazy!

We’ve been going to the chiropractor 3 times a week, and that takes up a lot of time since the office is about 1/2 hour away. Lots of driving.

So, today, I am:

~Going to share some random pictures with you so this post isn’t totally boring. 😉

Where we usually go fishing. 

~Going to try and get some laundry done. I started some yesterday, but forgot to put it in the dryer. Oops. Now I need to re-wash it.

Eliana after playing in the sprinkler.

~Making some sort of bread/ rolls to put our roast beef and french dip on for dinner tonight.

Laying on the steps is so much fun! Especially when you’re in your jammies.

~Hoping that Eliana lets me do these things, since she fell and scraped both knees this morning and now wants to be held at all times because the band-aids feel weird on her knees when she takes a step. Maybe she’ll fall asleep soon.

Eliana looking at some Buffalo.

~Thankful that it is beautiful outside and not too warm.

A butterfly enjoying my Zinnias.

~Trying to have patience when Ethan doesn’t want to share with Eliana and  trying to act in love not anger; while disciplining him.

My sweet boy. 

Tomorrow is Food Waste Friday; I’ll see you then! I think we did pretty well this week on food waste, although I haven’t looked in the fridge too  thoroughly yet. We’ll see!
AND we’re running our first 5k this weekend! I’m so excited. You’ll definitely see pictures early next week. 🙂

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